Table of Content of 2011 Issue

2011 Vol. 34 No. 1
Problem Solving Approaches in Mathematics Education as a Product of Japanese Lesson Study
Masami Isoda
Page 2-25


Lesson Study for Professional Development and Research
Robyn Pierce and Kaye Stacey
Page 26-46
One Feature of Adaptive Lesson Study in Thailand: Designing a Learning Unit
Maitree Inprasitha
Page 47-66
Mathematics Teachers' Perception of Lesson Study as a Continuous Professional Development Programme
Hj Ade Shahren bin Hj Suhaili and Madihah Khalid
Page 67-89
Enhancing Pre-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers' Skills of Using the Geometer's Sketchpad through Lesson Study
Chew Cheng Meng and Lim Chap Sam
Page 90-110
Ensuring Instruction Changes: Evidence Based Teaching – How Can Lesson Study Inform Coaching, Instructional Rounds and Learning Walks?
Max Stephens
Page 111-133
2011 Vol. 34 No. 2
Discovering a Rule and its Mathematical Justification in Modelling Activities Using Spreadsheets: An Experimental Study with Korean Tenth Graders
Hee-Chan Lew and Hong-Chan Son
Page 134-148
Emergent Modelling: From Traditional Indonesian Games to a Standard Unit of Measurement
Ariyadi Wijaya, L. Michiel Doorman and Ronald Keijze
Page 149-173
Thai Physics Teachers' Conceptions about Teaching
Luecha Ladachart
Page 174-202
The Development and Validation of an All-Encompassing Malaysian-Based Science Process Skills Test for Secondary Schools
Ong Eng Tek, Wong Yew Tuang, Sopia Md Yassin, Sadiah Baharom and Asmayati Yahaya
Page 203-236
Undergraduate Students' Preferences of Knowledge to Solve Particle Mechanics Problems
Kakoma Luneta and Judah P. Makonye
Page 237-261
Teachers' Views of the Nature of Science: A Study on Pre-Service Science Teachers in Sabah, Malaysia
Lay Yoon Fah and Khoo Chwee Hoon
Page 262-282
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