Table of Content of 2013 Issue

2013 Vol. 36 No. 1 (Full Paper)
Establishing Learning Communities among Science Teachers Through Lesson Study
Lee Shok Mee and Sheila Gamut Oyao
Page 1-22


The Design of a Mathematics Problem Using Real-life Context for Young Children
Lu Pien Cheng
Page 23-43
An Intervention Study Using Cognitive Conflict to Foster Conceptual Change
Tuck-Choy F. Chow and David F. Treagust
Page 44-64
The Teaching and Learning of Chemical Kinetics Supported with MS Excel
Sharifuddin Md Zain, Noorsaadah Abdul Rahman and Lee Sui Chin
Page 65-85
2013 Vol. 36 No. 2 (Abstract)
Benchmarking Quality: Are Teachers a Precious Asset or a Big Problem?
Allan Leslie White
Page 86
Educational Digital Games: Opportunity for Successful Mathematics Learning in Saudi Arabian Primary Schools
Hanaa Abdulrahim Yamani, Margaret Robertson and Andrew Skabar
Page 121
Ideas of Turkish Elementary School Students on Environmental Phenomena
Orçun Bozkurt
Page 146
Professional Competence and Professional Community in Mathematics Education
Takuya Baba
Page 105
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