The 49th SEAMEO RECSAM Governing Board Meeting

SEAMEO RECSAM Governing Board members of the eleven SEAMEO member countries and the SEAMEO Secretariat convened the 49th Governing Board Meeting (GBM) at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from 25 to 26 September 2018. The Governing Board Members in attendance were Mr. Khambay Khamsy (Cambodia), Datin Dr. Ng Soo Boon (Malaysia), Mrs. Ma. Gemma M. Ledesma (Philippines), Mr. Chua Chor Huat (Singapore), Mr Phuriwat Khamaikawin (Thailand), Mr. Luis Nivio Soares (Timor Leste) and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Anh Vinh (Vietnam).The Centre also welcomed Mr. Prasert Tepanart, [Ex-Officio representing Dr. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto, Director of SEAMEO Secretariat (SEAMES)] and Mr. Teerawat Luanrit, Observer from the Ministry of Education, Thailand to the Meeting. The Vice-Chairman of the Board,  Mrs. Ma. Gemma M. Ledesma from the Philippines, presided the Meeting on behalf of the Chairman, Mr. Shamsulbahri bin Haji Muhammad from Brunei Darussalam.

Ms. Khor Sim Suan, the Acting Centre Director of RECSAM welcomed all governing board members to Ho Chi Minh City and wished for a successful and productive Meeting. Mrs. Ma. Gemma M. Ledesma, the Vice-Chairman representing the Chairman of the Meeting, expressed her appreciation and gratitude to all the former Governing Board Members for their contribution and dedication which had enabled the last GBM to pass resolutions needed in the operation and development of SEAMEO RECSAM. She also welcomed the new honorary Board Members to this meeting and hoped that their contributions together with other existing GB Members will help strengthen the Centre’s existence and perseverance in maintaining relevancy of its programmes and activities in the coming years. Mr. Prasert Tepanart, representing the Director of SEAMEO Secretariat noted several achievements and successes of SEAMEO RECSAM in the past fiscal year and expressed his gratitude to the Governing Board Members who always generously provide precious and valuable technical inputs and professional advice to the Centre as well as the Government of Malaysia for its continuous support to SEAMEO RECSAM.

In this year’s Meeting, the Centre tabled a total of nine (9) working papers and six (6) information papers for the deliberation of the board members. Among other key working papers submitted for considerations were: (i) Matters Arising from the Resolutions of the 48th Governing Board Meeting 2017, (ii) Strategic and Operational Plans, Programmes and Proposed Budgets for Three Fiscal Years  2019/2020, 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 and Personnel Strength Budget for Fiscal Year Ending 30th June 2020, (iii) Proposal to Utilise Reserve Funds to Upgrade ICT and Multimedia Facilities in SEAMEO RECSAM, and (iv) Proposal of SEAMEO RECSAM Financial Instructions Manual 2018. After lengthy deliberations, the working papers were adopted with recommendations that RECSAM continues to keep its programmes flexible and relevant to changing times and devise ways to increase the impact of its programmes and activities in the region.

Other information papers reported the updates of the (i) Impact Evaluation Study of SEAMEO RECSAM’s Training Programme on Science and Mathematics Education for Southeast Asian Countries for FY2016/2017, (ii) 11th Regional Congress on Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists (SSYS) 2018, (iii) 7th International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education (CoSMEd) 2017, (iv) Southeast Asia Basic Education Standards (SEA-BES) Phase 2, (v) SEAMEO Learning Science and Mathematics Together (LeSMaT) in a Borderless World, and (vi) Selected Research Projects and Workshops.

The annual Governing Board Meeting is an important platform for Governing Board Members nominated by the eleven SEAMEO Member Countries gathers to discuss the policy, management and administration of SEAMEO RECSAM, as well as to review the Centre’s achievements in the last fiscal year and planned activities and programmes. The 50th SEAMEO RECSAM Governing Board Meeting next year will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.