The Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists (SSYS) is a gathering of young scientists all over Southeast Asia as a venue for sharing and dissemination of information on their scientific and mathematical research projects. SSYS was initiated in 1997, since then, it has been held once in every two years with a specific theme.

SSYS aims to encourage young learners to apply scientific and mathematical knowledge into technological problem-solving activities to address sustainability. It aims to increase awareness of young learners about the relationship between science, mathematics, technology, environment, economy and society. SSYS aims to foster camaraderie and networking among these young learners through science and mathematics congresses, exhibitions and competitions. 
Moreover, SSYS is a platform that provides opportunities to enhance the vast potentials of youth through intellectual activity in conceptualising ideas, and through cooperative teamwork in organising those ideas into more tangible investigative research projects that benefit the society.
In today’s competitive and fast-changing world, the demand for creative ability is more pressing than ever to support new innovation and technology development in diverse environments. Meeting that demand naturally open opportunities to fill the gaps and hence, increasing chances to secure jobs and livelihoods. The sustainable development goals aim to transform the world to end all forms of adversities such as poverty, inequalities, climate changes and many others. This universal agenda is huge but everyone particularly, the youths can contribute through their local actions in solving these adversities. The present generation of youth should develop valuable life skills and apply their creativity in facing challenges in life.  In pursue of this vital mission, there should be an awareness among youth where development is sustainable, inclusive for all and impartial towards any bias gain. In view of this, SSYS serves as a platform for youth to analyse current problems encountered and investigate potential solutions to the problems. The process of investigation would be able to lead youth to develop and exercise their ideas and creative problem solving skills in daily lives.  

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