Library work involves the management of information which all other professions and occupations depend. Library work puts the librarian in touch with all aspects of human interest. It is a noble profession which enlightens the world with information literacy that molds and builds up the fields of human knowledge


SEAMEO RECSAM Library is a Special Library of professional references for educators, teachers and administrators in science, mathematics and technology education

The SEAMEO RECSAM Library houses a collection of books, serials, compact discs, kits, RECSAMs publications and unpublished reports and newspaper clippings. The coverage is mainly in science and mathematics education, media, communication, psychology (education) and computer education. The resources are up-to-date and they are selectively chosen by the Centre's panel of professional specialists and consultants through reference to the local and web-based book stalls, book catalogs and publishing agencies. The collections are unique and contemporary suiting the needs of educators, classroom teachers, lecturers and researchers seeking up-to-date resources in their pursuit for excellence in their respective professions

Membership is open to the following categories of persons:-:-

  • RECSAM staff

  • Course participants

  • Academic staff of the Teachers Training Colleges in Penang and Butterworth

  • Science and mathematics teachers in local schools

  • Every applicant must submit a passport-size photograph and complete a library registration form to obtain a membership card. The card has to be presented to the circulation staff each time a book is borrowed or returned

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