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Science Project/Problem/Programme-based Activities inCorporating Experiment MANagement (SP3ACEMAN)

Are you a beginner, or would you like to know about investigative project and problem-based learning (PBL)? Why not visit this site for a guided-tour of project-based programmes and PBL?

Special Projects/ Programmes to Promote ESD/EFA (SpecP2E2)

Are we part of the problems or part of the solutions? Let’s explore various special projects or programme initiatives that promote ESD/EFA ( SpecP2E2 ) and and work together for a sustainable future.

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MAgnificent Advancement of Young Scientists (MAAYS)

Do you like to extend your ideas for more science and mathematics innovation? Let’s participate in the task force of ‘Magnificent Advancement of Young Scientists’ (MAAYS) in the ‘Community of Practice’ (CoP) for exciting e-Research experience with more ideas for investigative activities!

Other Educational Partners (EdPartI2)

It is through the sharing of best practices that we grow together in an ever expanding global learning community. Let’s learn from the experience of our ‘Educational Partner(s) with Links to International Institutions’.