At RECSAM, we believe that education is essential not only in attaining but also in harmonising sustainable development goals. The youth of today, regarded as the hope of the future, should play a key role to achieve these goals with their creativity in solving all forms of global adversities. Hence, the Centre welcomes submission of science and mathematics projects that showcase ideas and innovations within the context of sustainable development goals.

The 12th Regional Congress SSYS+ is envisioned as a worthy intellectual venture and an effective medium to promote lifelong learning, scientific and mathematical values, interests, skills, attitudes and motivation among the youths. It is hoped that through the 12th Regional Congress SSYS+, the societal well-being will be enhanced through developing better quality of science and mathematics education interspersed with technology, environmental, economic and societal awareness.

Specifically, SSYS+ aims to:

  • encourage research and innovation in science and mathematics among youths,
  • provide a platform for sharing ideas and experiences among youths,
  • provide a venue for intellectual and social interactions among youths and educators, and
  • recognise outstanding young scientists in SEAMEO member countries and beyond.