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List of Direct Link


  1. Climate Awareness and Disaster Risk Reduction EDucation (CADRRED)

  2. Conservation and Wise Use of Resources (ConWUR)

  3. Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL)

  4. Telecare and Healthy LifeStyle (TeleHeal)

  5. Values-Based Sustainable Education (VaBSE)

  6. ‘Local Wisdom and Basic Education for All Research Initiative’ (LoWBERI or LoWBEARI)

  7. ’Learning Transdisciplinary Science integrating Mathematics, Arts-language-culture, Engineering/EE/Economics, Technology’ (LearnT-SMArET)

  8. ‘Computational Thinking and IoT for Ed4.0’ (CIfE)

  9. ‘Technical & Vocational Education and Training (TVET) integrating Entrepreneurship Education’ (TecVoTEE)


Telegram Group Invitation Link [Class code: zzlxdrx]