The regular courses, which are designed to address the needs of teachers and educators from the SEAMEO member countries, are stimulating, creative and responsive in meeting their professional needs.  The themes and topics of the four-week courses are determined in consultation with all member countries through strategic planning workshops that serve to assess past performances and identify emerging trends, and principal lines of action for educational development. The courses are conducted by RECSAM on a regular basis.

General Guidelines

The general guidelines for conducting regular courses are as follows:

  • There are 4 regular courses planned for each of the fiscal year.
  • One representative from each SEAMEO member country, selected by their respective Ministries of Education, is awarded a scholarship sponsored by the Ministry of Education of Malaysia.
  • Member countries are welcome to send fee-paying participants for the regular courses.

At the end of the course, the participants are awarded a certificate of attendance.  They will be awarded another certificate upon completing the multiplier effect criteria after the course. The multiplier effect is part of the requirement of the course which encourages knowledge and skills learnt during the course to be propagated and shared among fellow educators when the participants return to their respective countries.