The Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists (SSYS) was a platform for youths from the SEAMEO member countries to gather and share information of their scientific and mathematical research projects. It was initiated in 1997, and since then, had been held once in every two years with a specific theme.

The 12th Regional Congress SSYS aims to develop young scientists who are competent in handling community problems for sustainable development. It encourages youths to fully utilise their potential of being inquisitive and creative when dealing with challenges in real life. Specifically, its main targets include (a) generating strong interest in science and mathematics learning, (b) increasing awareness about the relationship between science, mathematics, technology, and engineering, and (c) fostering camaraderie and networking among these youths through science and mathematics congresses, exhibitions and competitions. Hence, the 12th Regional Congress SSYS seeks to provide opportunities for youths to optimise their vast potentials in conceptualising scientific and mathematical ideas through intellectual teamwork into more tangible research projects and innovative products which will benefit the environment, society and economy.

SEAMEO RECSAM as the leading Centre in Science and Mathematics education has been championing promotion of related activities through teacher education and capacity building 
programmes. We believe that education is essential in attaining sustainability, and the present generation of youths, regarded as the hope of future, should play a crucial role to achieve this mission. Hence, the Centre welcomes submission of science and mathematics for young researcher project (YRP) that showcase empowerment of young mind’s innovation within the context of sustainable development, to participate in the 12th Regional Congress SSYS to be held from 8 to 10 March 2022.