The Southeast Asian Minister of Education Regional Centre for Education in Science and Mathematics or SEAMEO RECSAM was inaugurated in May 1967. The main purpose of the establishment of SEAMEO RECSAM is to improve the teaching of science and mathematics by conducting training courses, workshops, seminars, colloquies and conferences for researchers, teachers and educators hailing from the region. It was built beside the Malayan Teachers College or now known as Inst. Pendidikan Guru (IPG) in Gelugor, Penang in the hope of being able to use its facilities for teacher training and educational research. The Centre began its operation in the following year in 1968 as an international education training Centre and used facilities provided by IPG. It also started its own physical development in different phases beginning in 1970. The library premises and other administrative blogs were built under Phase IIB of its development beginning in May 1975 and were completed in November 1976. The Centre was officially declared open in October 1977 when all its phases of physical developments were completed.