1. How many teams will be chosen for this competition?
  • There is no limit yet for the number of teams to be selected for this congress. However, the teams that meet the criteria based on the Project Proposal will be selected.


  1. Can a student participate individually in this competition?
  • A minimum of one student and a maximum of four students can participate in a team. Each team need to be accompanied by at least one teacher advisor.


  1. Once the proposal is selected, how many participants will be going to Malaysia?
  • Depends on your budget. You can come with a maximum of four students per team, and the number of teachers and advisors is unlimited. If you have more than four students and other accompanying teachers, they can come as fee-paying observers.


  1. Is it sponsored to take part in this Congress?
  • Two teams from each SEAMEO member country will be sponsored. Only two students and one teacher advisor from each team will be sponsored for participation and accommodation. The teams representing the country will be determined by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the respective countries.
  • However, two official teams from Lao PDR, Myanmar, Cambodia and Timor-Leste (LMCT) will be fully sponsored including participation, accommodation and airfare to travel to Malaysia for the Congress.


  1. Is it paid or free Congress?
  • This Congress is based on fee paying, and the amount is mentioned in our information Booklet that can be downloaded from our website. However, the participation fee and accommodation for two officially nominated teams by respective MOE from each SEA country is sponsored (Refer to Question 4).


  1. Can there be secondary students from different forms in one team?
  • In a team, you can include secondary school students from different levels (forms).


  1. What if we have 5 participants?
  • Only four participants will be awarded the certificates if their team wins. However, the fifth participant and more can still attend the Congress as fee-paying observers.


  1. Is it that only qualified teams can join the Congress from 10-14 Jun 2024?
  • The qualified team will be notified via email by 8th of March 2024.


  1. Is it okay if the Teacher is an Elementary Grade but the student is a secondary?
  • Only the teachers from the secondary school that teach the students who wish to participate can join as teacher advisors for this Congress. However, you may contact the organising committee for further clarification.


  1. Can a senior at the University be the advisor of the project for the high school participant or not?
  • They can advise, but no achievement certificate will be given to them if the team wins. They can join the Congress as fee-paying observers.


  1. Is the One Health theme only limited to medical or diseases? How about one health about e-waste, food security, safety and pollution?
  • The theme of One Health is not limited to medical or diseases. It includes food security, e-waste, safety, pollution, poisoning, rabies, etc.


  1. The research is supposedly finished already or we need to submit just the expected data?
  • For the Project Proposal, you can submit the expected data. You need to submit the actual data for a Full Written Report once you receive the notification of the successful team.


  1. Are we allowed to include initial data/results?
  • For the Project Proposal, the project might be in the initial stage. So, you just submit the expected result. You can also submit the actual result if the project is already completed.


  1. What level of complexity or difficulty is expected to be selected? Should the project be at the college level?
  • The research should be at the Secondary School level and fulfil the given criteria in the Information Booklet.


  1. Could you please give an example of the One Health project for high school?
  • You can email us requesting a sample project. However, bear in mind the theme and the selection criteria change for every Congress.