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What is a SEASO?

The SEAMEO Science Olympiad (SEASO) 2019 is a unique platform of inspiration and scientific knowledge stimulation of future scientists and science academicians all over Southeast Asia and beyond. SEASO is also a venue for sharing and dissemination of information on all fields of science studies namely physical science, life science, social science, formal science, and applied science.

SEASO aims to stimulate scientific thinking and knowledge exploration amongst students in secondary school levels by applying knowledge into real-life technological problem-solving skills to address multiple issues including sustainable development. It plays a strong role in encouraging and involving young learners in pursuing science knowledge as well as to increase the awareness of young learners about the relationship between various science fields in daily lives. SEASO also aims to foster camaraderie and networking among these young learners during the event.

Who should participate?

The target group for this event is secondary students (age between 13 to 19 years old) from Southeast Asian region especially the SEAMEO Member countries. A group will comprise a maximum of 4 students only. As there will be a competition for teachers, all school teachers are also encouraged to take part in this event. Other interested parties such as parents, observers and the general public are welcome to join this event and register with the Secretariat.

When will it be conducted?

SEASO will be conducted on 5 to 8 March 2019 (Tuesday-Friday). Traveling day for all participants will be on Monday 4th March 2019. Everybody must arrive at the venue on 4th March 2019. The event will kick-start at 8.30am on 5th.

Where will it be conducted?

The venue for SEASO2019 will be at our campus; SEAMEO RECSAM, Penang, Malaysia. All activities and competition will be conducted in-campus except Grand Dinner which may be held in a nearby hotel.

How to participate in SEASO2019?

You may register online via this website for immediate confirmation of your participation. Alternatively, you may download the Registration Form and send it back to us via email before 29 December 2019.