Blueprint on Lifelong Learning

The LeSMaT (Borderless) initiative is in line with the SEAMEO Education Agenda or priority area No.7 “Adopting a 21st Century Curriculum” that states to pursue a radical reform through systematic analysis of knowledge, skills, and values needed to effectively react to changing global contexts to promote lifelong learning. In addition, the focus areas of curriculum topics and ‘Training of Trainers (TOT) activities are very much in line with the priority areas No.3 (Resiliency in the face of emergencies) and No. 5 (Revitalising Teacher Education) of SEAMEO Education Agenda as aforementioned. It also particularly responds to the ever-increasing complexity of the Southeast Asian economic, socio-cultural, and political environment, developing teacher imbued with ASEAN ideals in building ASEAN community within 20 years (2015-2035).

The following is the concept map to summarize the activities and direction of project.