Educational Opportunities for All.

The implementation of LeSMaT in a borderless world [LeSMaT (Borderless)] project initiative involved series of curriculum development and editing workshop with enrichment activities aiming at promoting educational for all, including both learners and educators.  The main objectives of the series of LeSMaT workshops are to prepare participants with comprehensive knowledge and skills in (a) writing (workshop held in May); (b) editing workshop held in October 2016 on Open and Distant Learning (ODL) modules that can be used to guide teachers in promoting LeSMaT (Borderless).

 Hence the content of the CSF (1/2016) workshops/events included the following:

(a)  To meet with experts on ‘Learning Activity Management System’ (LAMS): 

i.  To gain overview of the benefits of digital tool to promote students-centred learning with enhanced thinking skills; and

ii. To prepare sustainable platform for the planning of learning sequences and uploading of teaching and learning resources.

(b)  Workshop on ‘Learning Activity Management System’ (LAMS) by three experts.

(c)  Input by three experts during colloquium on ‘Developing ODL modules and tools to promote ESD and values-based education: (1) Experience with ODL institutions and international organisations; (2) Use of d-book and Edmodo social learning platforms to promote LeSMaT in a borderless world [LeSMaT (Borderless)]. 

(d) Writing/Editing/Refining workshops to develop four main themes for LeSMaT curriculum.


Series of Events Conducted including Workshops and Seminars/Colloquium


SEAMEO RECSAM as the lead centre had conducted a series of workshops from 2013 to 2016, in collaboration with Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) and guided by SEAMEO Secretariat as well as supported by various national/regional/international institutions including SEAMEO QITEP in Science/Mathematics and SEAMEO SEAMOLEC from Indonesia as well as SEAMEO Innotech from Philippines. The workshops included the development of OERs (2013-15) as well as Open and Distant Learning (ODL) modules (2015-16). Further Training of Trainers (TOT) activities using the ODL modules are also targetted to be implemented starting 2017.


With the financial support from RECSAM’s short term research grant and part of the Science across the World (SAW) project fund during pilot phase, RECSAM had implemented series of workshops in Phase 1 and part of Phase 2. The dates of the series of workshops for SEAMEO Borderless School, 1BestariNetVirtual Learning Environment (VLE) and LeSMaT were: 19-20 June 2014; 1-3 October 2014; 9-10 February 2015; 27-29 May 2015; 26 November, 2015; 23-26 May 2016; and the recent 10-14 October 2016. These workshops involved the consultants; science and mathematics master teachers from Penang State; curriculum experts in science and mathematics from Ministry of Education; representatives from some SEAMEO centres; local and international educational institutions. The following are phases of completed LeSMaT (Borderless) workshops and draft output.


Series of Workshops Conducted


Phase 1– Workshops to develop blended-mode OERs with Pilot Studies (2013 to 2015)


This phase consists of series of workshops to promote cross-cultural understanding through development of Open Educational Resources (OERs) incorporating values-based Science/ Mathematics/Social Science education and blended learning activities that enhance: (1) knowledge acquisition and promotion of thinking skills; and (2) knowledge sharing, promotion of technology and life skills. The activities under this phase included piloting of research instrument entitled ‘Survey on knowledge/attitudes towards sustainable living in the borderless world’ and trialling of e-platforms involving several groups of science and mathematics educators from various nationals in SEAMEO (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines) and associate member (Germany) countries who provided feedback to improve the instruments and refine the Borderless School framework. The pilot studies continued in FY2014/15 with the following R&D:


(a)  Administration of research instrument on ‘Attitudes towards Use of Technology to Enhance Sustainable Living’ (ATUTESL) among student and teacher delegates from nine SEAMEO member countries during the 9th ‘Search for SEAMEO Young Scientists’ (SSYS) Regional Congress held at RECSAM from 3-7 March 2014.


(b)  Involvement of groups of in-service training course participants from nine SEAMEO member countries for the trialling of various e-learning and m-learning tools e.g. WebQuest, e-forum and social networking sites (e.g. Facebook and Edmodo) during and after in-service course in April 2015.


(c)  The piloting of web-conferencing tools such as Webinar and WebEx during the seminar on 27 May 2015 for the colloquium (series 1/2015) entitled: “The development of Malaysian Science Teacher Quality Standards (MSTQS) from SEARS-ST: How can this affect science teachers’ performance to raise students’ achievement in TIMSS and PISA”.


Phase 2 –Workshops (module writing/editing, training of trainers) and Fieldwork (2015 to 2018):


The implementation under this phase included the following R&D activities:


(a)  The ‘Critical Success Factor’ (CSF) workshop in 26 November 2015 in which the project was renamed as Learning Science and Mathematics Together (LeSMaT) in a borderless world [in brief LeSMaT(Borderless)] after much deliberation with planning of comprehensive framework and future direction in collaboration with ODL institutions and international organisations.


(b)  The CSF (1/2016) workshop (from 23-26 May 2016)included meeting with Learning Activities Management System (LAMS) experts to prepare sustainable e-learning platforms; LAMS workshop; as well as colloquium/seminar on “Developing ODL modules and tools to promote ESD and values-based education”.


(c)  The CSF (2/2016)(from 10 to 14 October 2016) workshop included colloquium/seminar on: “Planning Open and Distant Learning (ODL) modules for networking and professional development aiming at ‘Enhancing Teachers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) with Higher-learning-opportunities (EnTeaCH)”:

i. Considering instructional design of blended learning in module writing;

ii. Redesigning student-centred learning in the borderless world;

iii. Promoting Golden SEAMEO students’ networking activities through LeSMaT (Borderless)

     e-platforms with more opportunities/exposure and EnTeaCH; Experience and benefit

     gained from a graduate learning opportunity as ex-alumni of Innotech.


(d)  The CSF (3/2016/17)(from 15 to 19 May 2017) workshop included colloquium/seminar on:   

(i) Open Education Resources (OER), open access and copyright issues for collaborative

(ii) Developing ODL modules using d-book considering copyright issues for OER;

(iii) Promoting LeSMaT (Borderless) among SEAMEO 50x3 network schools through blended-

     mode digital learning platforms and Champion School awards competition.