2018 Vol. 41

Mathematical Problem Solving on Numbers and Arithmetic in Upper Primary Mathematics Classroom 
Liang Wileen, Toh Tin Lam

Effects of Higher Order Thinking Module Approach on Primary School Students’ Performance and Problem Solving Skills

Noorashikim Noor Ibrahim, Ahmad Fauzi Mohd Ayub, Aida Suraya Md. Yunus, Rosnaini Mahmud & Nur Raidah Salim

Performance of College Students in Calculus: An Institutional Study
Ma. Theresa F. Pescador

Learning Computational Thinking through A Collaborative Mobile Serious Game
Victor Patrick Tañedo & Jose Alfredo De Vera III

Development of Scaffolded Mastery Learning (Ml) in Cell Division Module and its Impact in Teaching and Learning Process
Annur Ashikin Ab Rashid & Mohamad Termizi Borhan

Exploring Philippine Traditional Games as Motivational Activities for Learning Science in the K-12 Curriculum
Fernan P. Tupas & Ma. Theresa G. Palmares

Development of the Malaysian Biotechnology-STEM (MBS) Module for Interdisciplinary STEM Teaching & Learning
Ruhizan Mohammad Yasin, Latifah Amin & Kok Kean Hin

Educational Robotics: A Review of the Impact on Students' Cognitive Development
Henry Goh, Mohamad Bilal Ali, Shukiman Bin Sukardi & Irwan Bin Isdup

Enhancing an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Secondary School Students by Introducing the Green-Stem Project via the Integration of the 6E Instructional Model
Hartini Hashim, Mohd Norawi Ali, & Mohd Ali Shamsudin

The Enhancement of Undergraduate Students’ Scientific Explanations Using Online Platform as a Context for Discussion and Feedbacks
Sittichai Wichaidit & Patcharee Rompayom Wichaidit

Impact of the Twincle Student-Exchange Program on Students from ASEAN Countries
Nomura Jun, Haga Mizuki, Tani Kyoko, Tsuji Koji, Hayashi Hideko, Yamato Mashahide, Yoneda Chie, & Fujita Takeshi

Revalidation of Instruments Using Parial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM)
Chan Sane Hwui & Lay Yoon Fah

The Development of Learning Chemistry Module Integrated With Green Chemistry and Ethnoscience to Development of Students’ Generic Science Skills and Soft Skills of Conservation in Central Java
S. Sudarmin, Woro Sumarni, Laily Zahro, Pawestri Farah Diba, & Asfia Rosita